• RELEASE DATE /July, 17 2020
  • LABEL /Azadi Records
  • FORMAT /Digital / Vinyl / CD

Track Preview

Do Guna Seedhe Maut

Few words

Seedhe Maut, arguably South Asia’s hottest hip-hop duo begin 2020 with a double release that firmly establishes them as two of the best technical writers and MCs in the hip-hop scene today. No hooks, no choruses – just a relentless assault of bars that showcases their creative prowess.

‘Do Guna’  is a track that captures Seedhe Maut at a juncture in their life where their new found fame pulls them towards situations which are twice in size as they fasten up for a rollercoaster which is Do Guna (2x) faster than their usual life where they experience – Pain, Pleaure, Benefits and Losses. Even with these adversaries Seedhe Maut keep their cool and tackle these problems head on.