• RELEASE DATE /February, 29 2021
  • LABEL /Azadi Records

Track Preview

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Azadi Records is proud to present the first collaboration between New Delhi’s iconic
hip-hop duo Seedhe Maut, British hip-hop pioneers Foreign Beggars and the
producer responsible for the sound of Indian hip-hop, Sez On The Beat.
Recorded during an intense 10-day period which saw the artists perform to a packed secret underground show at Above The Habitat, ‘No Enema’ represents three artists at the top of their creative game. Playing off the signature styles of each artist, Encore, Calm, Orifice Vulgatron and Metropolis found common ground in their love for bass-centric, hip-hop music that can make stadiums move.

Performed By – Seedhe Maut, Foreign Beggars, Sez On The Beat
Written By – Encore & Calm (Seedhe maut)
Orifice Vulgatron AKA PAVAN & Metropolis AKA Ebow (Foreign Beggars)
Produced by – Sez On The Beat
Mixed & Mastered by – Sez On The Beat
Art By Jayesh Joshi
Video By – Yung Waris

All Rights Reserved – 2019 Azadi Records