• RELEASE DATE /February, 26 2021
  • LABEL /Azadi Records

Track Preview

Few words

Azadi Records is proud to present the latest single by Delhi-based hip-hop duo Seedhe Maut. Titled ‘Namastute’, the track is a gauntlet laid down by the Calm and Encore, showcasing a ferocity and drive that will be hard to match for their peers in 2021. Produced by Calm, ‘Namastute’ sees the duo team up with the #SeedheMautNation​ and deliver a relentless attack on those who still doubt Seedhe Maut’s claim to the throne of South Asian hip-hop.

The duo doesn’t rely on outlandish metaphors that leave a lot to the listener’s imagination. On ‘Namastute’, this creative force from Delhi relies on facts – of the line-ups they’ve been on, of the mosh pits they’ve started in clubs across the country and of course, of the destruction and chaos they’ve left behind with the release of each project.

The video, shot by frequent Delhi-based collaborator Vaksh Vimal and edited by Crevixa, one of the most forward-thinking visual artists in the region today, represents the takeover the country’s streets by the #SeedheMautNation​. If you haven’t heard by now, you will soon. There’s a storm coming that takes no prisoners once you’re caught within its grasp. Namastute is the spark that ignites a complete rethink of how Hindi rap is approached and consumed in this country.