• RELEASE DATE /July, 23 2021
  • LABEL /Azadi Records
  • FORMAT /Digital

Track Preview

Few words

Azadi Records is proud to present ‘Nanchaku’ – the latest single by Seedhe Maut. Following on the heels of their explosive single ‘Naamcheen’, the Delhi-based duo are relentless in their quest to push forward the sonic evolution of South Asian hip-hop. Produced by Calm, ‘Nanchaku’ sees Seedhe Maut join forces with Pune-based hip-hop artist MC Stan, juxtaposing Seedhe Maut’s lyrical assault alongside the latter’s laid back delivery. ‘Nanchaku’ builds upon a wonky, off-kilter production that delivers a brand new aesthetic to Indian hip-hop’s sonic palette – allowing the three generational talents to flex their creative juices on a track that is sure to set the internet alight. 

2021 promises to be a defining year for Seedhe Maut. The creative force behind seminal releases such as Bayaan (LP), Namastute, Kranti, 101, Scalp Dem, Dum Pishaach and countless others have collaborative projects in the works with Ritviz, one of India’s hottest pop producers, as well as frequent collaborator and producer extraordinaire Sez On The Beat. The culmination of 2021 shall see the duo introduce the world to the fullest manifestation of their creative vision yet, with their as yet unnamed debut LP set for release next year.